Find Your Perfect Fit: What is the best Leotard Style for my Body Type?

We can all relate to the excitement of selecting a gorgeous new leotard. But with the wide array of leotard styles to choose from, it can be a daunting task to pick that perfect leotard to make you feel comfortable and confident. 

We are no stranger to this dilemma. That is why we've curated our own list of leotards that flatter each body shape, to make you look and feel your best!


Pear shape: Celebrate Your Gorgeous Curves

Characteristics: Full hips, a defined waist, and a delicate bust.

Best Styles: Opt for leotards with lower-cut leg lines that provide ample coverage. Styles with bust details or high necklines beautifully balance your figure. Supertone’s Megan leotard, with its elegant bust detailing, is an ideal choice for you!

Tips: Steer clear of solid colors with plain necklines, as they can draw attention downward. Instead, choose designs that highlight your upper body and showcase your stunning shape.

Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Apple shape: Highlight Your Beautiful Waist

Characteristics: Gentle curves, with a less-defined waist, and a medium bust.

Best Styles: Choose leotards with waist seams or belts to accentuate your waist. Higher-cut leg lines and delicate bust details also create a flattering silhouette. Supertone’s Avery Leotard accentuates your waistline and offers the perfect balance for you!

Tips: Avoid leotards without defined waistlines, as they are less complementary to your body type.

Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Inverted triangle: Complement Your Shoulders

Characteristics: Broad shoulders or fuller bust, and narrower hips.

Best Styles: Choose leotards with higher-cut leg lines and moderate necklines like square or scoop necks. Look for styles with built-in support, such as shelf bras (like all Supertone leotards) or underwire. Supertone's Margaux leotard, with its elegant lines, would look amazing on you!

Tips: Avoid halter styles and thin camisole straps that emphasize the shoulders, and may not provide the secure fit you need.

Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Athletic shape: Flaunt Your Strength

Characteristics: Balanced bottom and bust, defined muscles, and no or slightly defined waist.

Best Styles: Good news! Most leotard styles work for your body shape. Halter and low-back styles beautifully showcase your strong back. For a more feminine touch, try thin camisole straps and lace details. Supertone's Eva leotard is perfect for complementing your athletic figure.

Tips: Plain tank styles also work for you, offering a sporty look. If you prefer a more traditional ballerina aesthetic, you might opt for different styles, but embrace the athletic vibe if it’s what you love!

Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Long Torso: Achieve Perfect Balance

Characteristics: Lovely long torso.

Best Styles: Leotards with waist or bust seams, like Supertone's Cleo Leotard help balance you proportions. Scoop necks and deep V-necks like Supertone's Cara Leotard also complement your long torso perfectly.

Tips: Avoid styles that elongate your torso too much. Steer clear of biketards that make legs look shorter.

Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Short Torso: Create a Graceful Silhouette

Characteristics: Shorter torso with longer legs.

Best Styles: Princess seams and high necks help to elongate your torso. Low-cut legs help balance your look. Supertone's Lexi leotard is a great choice.

Tips: High leg lines can shorten your torso, so choose styles that elongate your frame.


Photo credits: Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography


Embrace Your Own Unique Style!

From halters and tanks to long sleeves and intricate designs, Supertone offers a variety of leotard styles to suit every dancer. Whether you want to show off your athelticism or create a delicate look, our collection has something for everyone. The right leotard can make you feel comfortable and confident, enhancing your performance on stage and in the studio.

Explore Supertone’s collection and find your perfect leotard today! Happy dancing!