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Colour Your Moves: Colour Psychology in Choosing Leotards!

Ever noticed how slipping into the right leotard can turn your plié from meh to magnificent? Well, that's no coincidence. Welcome to the world of colour psychology—a unique blend of science and style that can make your dancewear a game-changer. So, let’s dive into the importance of choosing the right shades for your leotards and how these colours can jazz up your mood and performance.     The Science Behind Colour Psychology First things first, let’s get a little nerdy. Color psychology is the study of how hues can influence human behavior and emotions. Various research studies have shown that different colours can evoke specific feelings and even affect our physical state. This is why hospitals are often painted in calming blues and...

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Find Your Perfect Fit: What is the best Leotard Style for my Body Type?

We can all relate to the excitement of selecting a gorgeous new leotard. But with the wide array of leotard styles to choose from, it can be a daunting task to pick that perfect leotard to make you feel comfortable and confident.  We are no stranger to this dilemma. That is why we've curated our own list of leotards that flatter each body shape, to make you look and feel your best!   Pear shape: Celebrate Your Gorgeous Curves Characteristics: Full hips, a defined waist, and a delicate bust. Best Styles: Opt for leotards with lower-cut leg lines that provide ample coverage. Styles with bust details or high necklines beautifully balance your figure. Supertone’s Megan leotard, with its elegant bust detailing, is an ideal choice for you! Tips: Steer clear of solid colors with...

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